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Zignal Labs is a media intelligence software service company that serves marketing and public relations departments.

United States
  • Unintegrated assets: Zignal labs website, landing pages, forms, and SFDC CRM were not integrated with each other. Their website was built on WordPress, landing pages were on Unbounce, forms were created on Pardot, and data was stored in SFDC CRM.

  • Non-compliance with GDPR norms: Their forms were not GDPR compliant. There was no option for opt-in and opt-out for the users who subscribed to their emails.

  • Irregular data flow and incomplete data collection: Data flow between the website, landing pages, forms, and SFDC CRM was improper and complex. Also, their forms were not collecting enough prospect information. 
  • We integrated their website, landing pages, forms, and SFDC CRM instance
  • We created an email preference centre with proper opt-in for all forms for GDPR compliance.
  • We set up the audience tracking of domains and sub-domains wherein the website and landing page data was dumped in a single bucket by creating a new GTM container ID. As a result, all data could be found in one place. We also re-designed their forms on Pardot to include more data fields to be filled up by the user. Forms on the blog pages were also improved. We also created their on-demand webinar landing page with a form to get more leads and their details.

  • Well-integrated assets: The website, landing pages, forms, and SFDC CRM are now properly in sync with each other. Website UI/UX is also enhanced.
  • Proper compliance with GDPR norms: All forms are now GDPR compliant with proper opt-in opt-out options.
  • Regular data flow and complete data collection: Data flow is now easier through the creation of Pardot forms and they can now easily pull reports from Salesforce. They now capture the level of interest of the customers with more insights which turns out to be great for campaigns.
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Custom Landing Pages, Forms, Email Preference Centre

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