Company Overview

Sand Cloud is an apparel company dedicated to protecting marine life and preserving oceans.

Retail Apparel and Fashion
San Diego, CA
  • Lead process mapping requirements: They wanted to map out the entire lead process to manage the database.
  • Lead import automation concerns: They were looking to automate lead import activity from various sources while maintaining the integrity of the data.
  • Needed custom campaign UI: To easily create new campaigns and enter campaign meta relevant to the executed campaigns.
  • Dynamic content utilization challenge: Wanted to learn how to utilize dynamic content along with reporting on dynamic content performance.
  • Needed help to realize data's potential: Aimed to gain insights into their data, specifically lead sources, and be able to enter leads into email journeys based on the lead source.
  • Revenue increment plan: Wanted to increase revenue from existing flows, and improve sales.
  • Template utilization requirements: To leverage the creative templates and best practices to enhance sales and brand awareness of the philanthropy division.

New content generation: We ensured that the dynamic content was leveraged fully along with the reporting on its performance.

Segmentation enhancement: Thorough lead segmentation was done for better strategizing and targeting. This also included robust database management.

Flow strategies testing: New flows were introduced along with the flow testing functionality.

Brand value increment: This was achieved by harnessing creative ways to deliver content.


Revenue amplified: Our work led to significant revenue enhancement with a 30% ROAS and email marketing revenue.

Revamped product images and branding: This was vital for rebranding the product, and services and building the new version of the images for customers.

Email revenue growth: Significant growth was accomplished by introducing new flows and addressing opportunities for increased revenue, flow testing, and A/B testing. This further boosted the conversions and repeat purchases for outbound campaigns.

Better word-of-mouth advertising: We amplified the company’s visibility and conversion rates. This was done by using strategies to showcase their brand with content in new creative ways.

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