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PayIt is the solution government agencies use to collect revenue faster, improve efficiency and sustainability, and give people a smooth digital experience.

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Kansas City, MO
  • No Process in Place: They didn’t have any set processes of leads flowing through the system and getting into the sales bucket.
  • Siloed Systems: They didn’t know whether the data was accurate or not because the systems were not talking to each other.
  • Unaligned Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing function was not aligned because tools used on both sides were not talking to each other. Salesforce was not synced with Marketo. It wasn’t getting the data required from Marketo.
  • After having a discussion with PayIt, we decided to perform a Marketo system audit to find out where the gaps in the system were, and what needed to be rectified. We suggested a robust audit of 3 weeks with 2 Marketo experts and 1 senior business consultant to guide the team in the audit.
  • We came up with the priority list of things to implement, in terms of filling the gaps.
  • A customized SOW (a guide to make their systems optimal) was created, which either they can implement on their own or can get done from other partners.
  • We divided the entire Marketo audit activity into smaller buckets and each bucket had sub-bullets. Then, we created a list of things to audit, got those approved by the client, and then performed the audit.
  • We completed the audit within 2 weeks rather than 3 weeks by bringing in 2 more consultants and over-delivered from the timeline perspective.
  • They expected a certain report from us, but we delivered a much more robust report with a very logical scoring system.
  • Proper Process Setup: Their team understood what needs to be rectified on priority and what they can phase out after they have built the basic infrastructure, from the audit. They also understood which tools and processes weren’t required and hence saved on additional costs.
  • Systems Working Cohesively: Their systems and the overall Martech stack were now working together and there was a proper flow of leads and other data.
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: They understood what alignment areas they need to work on, with the sales team, to make this system have a positive impact on the business.
A glimpse of the

Audit Report Score and buckets created for it

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 9.24.11 PM
Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 9.23.11 PM
Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 9.23.50 PM
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