Company Overview

Medicus IT supports clinical workflows & processes to improve experiences for the front desk, back office, and waiting room.

Healthcare IT
Atlanta, United States
  • Improper HubSpot Setup: Medicus IT HubSpot instance was operational but not set up correctly.
  • Inconsistent Data: Their data was not enriched. They needed help with dashboarding, reporting, and user adoption.
  • Slow Launches: The core marketing team was facing bandwidth issues. As a result, the campaign execution was slow. Their GTM was impacted drastically.
  • HubSpot instance was set up for proper and accurate functioning.
  • Their database was cleaned by importing the customer data from ConnectWise ERP to HubSpot. Custom reporting visibility was created through RollWorks dashboard built on HubSpot.
  • Users were trained to have them function as ONE Revenue Operations team.
  • Correct HubSpot Instance Setups: Their HubSpot instance is now functioning properly.
  • Clean Data:  A database of 30k contacts was cleaned. An additional 30k were added to it.
  • Fast Launches: Bandwidth was created for their team to enable them to focus on strategic initiatives. They onboarded new tools like RollWorks very quickly and were able to launch campaigns within 20 days (usually taking 30 days). This resulted in a faster GTM.
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RollWorks reporting dashboards (built on HubSpot)

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