Company Overview

Colorful Concrete Solutions provide decorative concrete flooring for residential and commercial properties.

Waukesha, WI
  • Unoptimized Sales Processes: They had a manual and complex sales process which led to a lot of time being consumed with lesser output.

  • Sales Quotation Templates Missing: They were looking for optimized sales quotation building and optimization process.

  • Centralized Sales Management System Missing: A centralized process and system where quotes, invoices, payments, and other information can be tracked, needed to be implemented.

  • An automated sales process was developed. 

  • A customized HTML-coded quotation template was built on HubSpot. Customization tokens included themes, tokens, and discounting, among others.

  • We set up a custom and optimized integration between HubSpot and Quickbooks to track invoice data in CRM.

  • Optimized Sales Processes: A streamlined sales process was built which helped the sales team save more than 60% of their time.

  • Customized Sales Quotation Template: The sales quotation templates helped them send quotes in one go from HubSpot.

  • Smooth Sales Process: A centralized system for deals, quotes, and invoicing was developed which helped build a smooth sales process. They were now getting alerts and tasks for the next steps to take in the sales process for their deals, through custom workflows.

A glimpse of the

Workflows to optimize sales next steps

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