Company Overview

ChoiceLocal is an ROI-focused digital marketing agency specializing in franchise systems.

Digital Marketing
Westlake, Ohio
  • GA4 Data Accuracy: ChoiceLocal initially faced concerns regarding the accuracy and limitations of their GA4 implementation compared to GA3 (Universal Analytics). They sought assistance to establish a best-in-class GA4 setup, crucial for powering their data-driven marketing strategies effectively.

  • Managing Franchise Analytics: Managing digital analytics for numerous franchise locations posed a sustainability challenge for ChoiceLocal. With many brands having dozens or hundreds of franchise locations, they needed a streamlined approach.

  • Historical Data Backup: With years of historical Google Analytics data at stake, ChoiceLocal required a robust solution to back up this data for all clients.

  • Consolidating Data for Reporting: ChoiceLocal aimed to consolidate GA3 and GA4 data to analyze trends and year-over-year performance effectively in their reporting.
  • Enhanced GA4 Setup: We developed SOPs for GA4 configuration, event structuring, custom parameters, Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup, and conversion tracking. Core conversions were carefully configured, including click-to-call, lead form submissions, actual booking form submissions, and chat interactions.
  • Implementing Best Practices Across Brands: We implemented best practices to guarantee the functionality and consistency of GA4 configurations, ensuring uniform and accurate GA4 setups across all partner brands.
  • Cloud Data Warehouse Setup: To address historical data backup and centralization needs, we established a cloud data warehouse using BigQuery. 
  • GA4 Reporting Migration: We established GA4 property connections, developed SQL queries for data aggregation, scheduled queries, imported historical GA UA data, and offered support with NinjaCat integration.
  • Improved Data Accuracy: The smooth GA4 setup and configuration provided ChoiceLocal with accurate tracking and conversion data, enabling them to analyze, optimize, and report campaign performance more effectively.
  • Centralized Data Repository: The implementation of BigQuery as a data warehouse streamlined their historical data storage, offering a centralized hub for accessing digital analytics across the organization.
  • Efficient GA4 Reporting: ChoiceLocal now benefits from improved GA4 reporting capabilities, enhancing their ability to track trends and year-over-year performance accurately.
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