Company Overview

Cadyce is a premium networking & digital lifestyle brand offering solutions to connect, communicate, & network seamlessly.

  • Insufficient Digital Presence: Cadyce only had an eCommerce website to rely on. No other digital existence whatsoever.

  • Poor Content Strategy: All the content made live by Cadyce scored poorly on SEO metrics. As a result, organic traffic was getting tough to come by.

  • Ineffective Marketing Plan: Cadyce followed a gimmicky marketing plan and, naturally so, was having a hard time surviving in the cut-throat industry.

  • To supplement its digital presence, an omnichannel marketing strategy was built. In addition to that, multiple tailor-made email marketing campaigns were implemented.
  • In an effort to improve the entire content strategy, we took to blog creation. Each month, around 10 fully SEO-optimised articles were published on the blog to attract traffic.
  • A full-blown competitor ads research was conducted, and based on its results, multiple paid ad campaigns and dynamic keywords ads were made live.
  • Competitive Digital Presence: Post the campaign launch, Cadyce saw a noticeable improvement in its digital presence - attaining a 12% email open rate against an industry average of 6-7%!

  • Calculated Content Strategy: With an SEO-friendly blog now in place, Cadyce achieved a staggering increase of 4K in organic website traffic.

  • Successful Marketing Plan: Three months after the implementation of the ads strategy, Cadyce witnessed a brilliant 2x spike in its paid ads revenue!

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