Company Overview

APCA is a professional pastry and culinary skilling online learning platform. 

  • Insufficient Student Enrollment and Online Program Revenue: APCA Chef Online faced a critical challenge in optimizing student enrollment and revenue for its online programs- the need to streamline these processes was crucial for their growth and operational efficiency.
  • Manual Data Entry Hurdles: The existing manual data entry processes  hindered the seamless flow of operations. Challenges included updating fields like lifecycle stages and disqualification reasons, impacting overall operational capacity.

  • Inadequate Lead Assessment: Difficulties arose in assigning owners to contacts and accurately tracking marketing and sales-qualified leads. This led to inefficiencies in lead management, affecting the overall effectiveness of the enrollment process.

  • Limited Email Marketing Customization: APCA Chef Online struggled with the lack of capacity to personalize automated emails effectively. This limitation hindered their ability to engage potential customers, resulting in a need for more tailored and effective communication.

  • Zoho CRM Maintenance:  We initiated a thorough assessment and optimization of their Zoho CRM. This involved identifying and rectifying manual data entry challenges, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across various fields such as lifecycle stages and disqualification reasons.

  • User Data Upload into Zoho CRM: We orchestrated the strategic upload of user data into Zoho CRM, focusing on closed lost leads, alumni, renewal leads, students, and leads from the new Learning Management System (LMS). This meticulous categorization laid the groundwork for targeted engagement, enhancing lead assessment, and optimizing the enrollment process.

  • User Data Segmentation for Customized Email Marketing: We implemented a strategic user data segmentation process within Zoho CRM. This involved categorizing user data into distinct groups, including closed lost leads, alumni, renewal leads, students, and leads from the new Learning Management System (LMS)- addressing their struggle with limited customization.

  • New Website & Email Domain Connection: We facilitated the connection of a new website and email domain, providing them with a user-friendly interface, significantly contributing to increased online visibility.

  • Email Marketing using Zoho Campaigns Module: We utilized the advanced features of the Zoho Campaigns module to design and execute targeted email marketing campaigns. 

  • Reporting & Dashboard Setup: We implemented comprehensive reporting and dashboard setups, empowering them to make informed decisions, strategically optimizing revenue, and improving the overall enrollment process.

  • Zoho Chatbot Setup: We initiated the setup of Zoho Chatbot, streamlining direct interactions with leads

  • PopUp Form Integration & Lead Inflow Setup in Zoho CRM: We set up PopUp forms for lead inflow directly into Zoho CRM- providing a frictionless user experience, and contributing to improved lead acquisition.

  • New LMS (FreshLearn) Sync Setup: We orchestrated the synchronization of the new Learning Management System (FreshLearn) with Zoho CRM, streamlining enrollment and course delivery processes.


  • Revenue Surge via Zoho Campaigns: Targeted email marketing campaigns through Zoho Campaigns directly translated into a substantial increase in their monthly revenue.

  • Enhanced Lead Registration: Strategic email marketing customization and audience segmentation significantly elevated the number of leads registering for their diverse online programs.

  • Expansive Webinar Audience Reach: Leveraging email channels, they successfully captured a vast audience for their Weekly Webinar events, amplifying brand visibility and engagement.

  • Re-enrollment of Lost Leads and Alumni: Email marketing played a pivotal role in re-engaging and re-enrolling closed lost leads and alumni, showcasing the effectiveness of targeted communication.

  • Affiliate Marketing Triumph: They utilized email marketing for Affiliate initiatives, resulting in successful collaborations and heightened program visibility.

  • Efficient Lead Conversion via Zoho Chatbot: Direct interactions facilitated by Zoho Chatbot streamlined the conversion process, enabling Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to efficiently convert leads into paid customers.

  • Insightful Reporting for Informed Decisions: The implementation of a robust reporting dashboard provided essential insights, empowering APCA Chef Online to make informed, data-driven decisions for their marketing strategies.

  • Holistic Growth: The integrated strategies, notably through targeted email campaigns via Zoho Campaigns, yielded a comprehensive surge in monthly revenue, enhanced conversion funnel dynamics, increased monthly lead registrations for online programs, and a notable upswing in daily website traffic.



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